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Paper Trim Handling

This photo shows an HSI separator system handling corrugated trim from two die cutters, two flexo's and a shredder at a central Ohio box plant.

An indoor trim system handling corrugated board scrap at this Indiana box plant from a die cutter and a shredder with future growth capacity.

This 70,000 CFM indoor system is located at a southern Ohio folding carton plant. It handles skeleton and die cut trims from multiple Bobst® stripper die cutters and side trims from a corrugator and two shredders.

The photos above, from the same southern Ohio facility, show the heavy duty trim handling ductwork fabricated from mill drawn tubing and painted to customer's specification.

The trim handling equipment shown above is located on the roof due to low ceiling heights inside the plant. The system handles die cuts and skeleton trims from several Bobst® die cutters, a shredder and floor sweeps at this folding carton plant located in up-state New York.

This indoor system at a North Carolina plant is designed to handle trims from a corrugator and a shredder with capacity for future growth.

A corrugated board plant installation in central Ohio shown with a shredder and two capped inlets for future expansion.

This 55,000 CFM indoor trim system is located in a southern Texas corrugated box plant servicing several die cutters, flexo's, presses and a large 100" shredder.

The photo shows a two grade trim handling system installed in a northern Texas paper cup manufacturing plant.

These photos show an HSI trim handling system located above a compactor at a central Ohio mailing company serving a security shredder and seventeen mailers. The system is designed to use smooth interior mill drawn tubing, rolled elbows and fittings connected with compression couplers and angle iron flanges in place of using spiral pipes and fittings to reduce the possibility of plug up problems.

Trim handling system at an Iowa printing plant. The system handles trims from perfect binders, tri-knives, guillotine cutters, presses, shredders, etc.

A 45,000 CFM indoor trim handling system located at a southern Michigan printer serving two presses, two folders, two cutters, three stitchers and a shredder.

The photo on the left shows a typical trim pick up at a guillotine cutter. The photo on the right shows a cyclone pre-separator receiving dust, grindings and glued trim from a perfect binder and a trimmer. Fine dust from cyclone exhaust is run through the baghouse with the filtered air being returned to the plant.

The photo above shows a 100,000 CFM nominal capacity separator/filter system replacing an old, undersized cyclone and returning air back into the plant for energy savings. The switchover was completed during a three-day weekend with no production loss to this eastern Pennsylvania corrugated board and converting facility. The plant realized approx. 30% energy cost savings in the first six months after switchover and eliminated the negative pressure problems in the buildings.

The photos above show the before, after, and switchover progress of replacing an existing under-capacity, problematic trim handling unit with an HSI separator system. The switchover of this 50,000 CFM capacity system was completed during a four day weekend at this southern Wisconsin corrugated box plant.

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