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Turnkey Projects
  - Paper Trim Handling
  - Woodworking Dust Control
  - Weld Fume Control
  - Mist Control
  - Industrial Dust Control

Equipment & Components
  - Baghouses & Filters
  - Cartridge Collectors
  - Mist Collectors
  - Cyclone Collectors
  - Airlocks & Feeder Valves
  - Centrifugal Fans
  - Pneumatic Conveying Equipment
  - Shredders & Choppers
  - Balers
  - Ductwork, Tubing & Fittings
  - Conveyors
  - Bucket Elevators

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Energy Savings Calculator

In today's marketplace, rising energy costs are a major concern for everyone. Finding effective ways to reduce those expenses can significantly improve your bottom line. With Hawthorne Systems' proprietary Energy Savings Calculator, we can provide you with an estimate on how much energy our systems can help you save. To receive your customized energy savings estimate, please complete the form below. All information submitted is kept strictly confidential.

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